Pregnant Woman Carried 7km on Bamboo Stretcher, Delivers Twins

A Meghalaya woman who was pregnant was carried by fellow villagers on a makeshift bamboo stretcher for nearly 7km to the nearest primary health centre (PHC) where she gave birth to twins.

The incident took place at Rongrong PHC in East Garo hills district on Friday.

The official facebook page of East Garo Hills deputy commissioner Sushil Tembe posted a status regarding the incident and said “great determination” was shown by the people.

“Great determination shown by people from Gilmatdam village who carried a pregnant woman on a bamboo stretcher so that she can deliver at the hospital,” he said in the post.

“It’s (the village) around 6 to 7km away from the PHC. She delivered healthy twins,” the post with two photos added.

Most social media users have lauded the efforts of the villagers while several others pointing out the need to have more healthcare centres and better roads and bridges connecting remote villages to hospitals.

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