Preparation continues for Diwali celebration in Assam


People in all the districts and regions of Assam are almost ready for the celebration of the festival of lights Diwali. Some of the districts and regions in the state like Charaideu, Goalpara, Khumtai, Musalpur, and Borsola are making a beeline to the markets to shop some of the best decorative items, especially the beautifully decorated Diyas ahead of Diwali.

Diya makers of the various regions are busy carving out earthen lamps of different shapes and sizes which makes it all the more attractive and beautiful. The craftsmen are putting their efforts day and night and their passion for making these earthen lamps is reflected in their creativity.

Keeping aside the fairy lights and other decorative items, people are seen indulging themselves in celebrating Diwali in the most traditional manner. However, demand for earthen lamps has skyrocketed and the pottery makers are making good business ahead of the festival.

A family of Pottery maker in Charaideu said, “We are preparing Diya ahead of Diwali. I am into Diya making since childhood, we have different samples of earthen lamps and we prepare accordingly. This time, we have prepared 100-150 pieces of earthen lamps. This time the market is good”

Another vendor opposed the usage of Chinese products and said, “For one Diya, we are charging 1 rupee and for 100 pieces of Diya we are charging Rs 80-90. We are not selling any Chinese items and demands for earthen lamps are high. Moreover, people should not use other Chinese items but should use earthen lamps.”

Diwali is perhaps the most important festival celebrated by Hindus all around the world. The festival and its celebrations usually last for five days, among which the third day is the main day. During all the five days of Dhanteras, Chhoti Diwali, Badi Diwali, Govardhan Pooja, and Bhai Dooj, houses, temples, and public places are all lit up with lights and earthen lamps. The themes of ‘victory of good over evil’ and ‘victory of light over dark’ are associated with the festival.

Assam government also have released a press order for Diwali celebrations in the State.

Moreover, markets in Guwahati are flooded with varieties of decorative items including colorful lanterns, lights, chandeliers, flower pots to name a few and thanks to the decorative earthen lamps chalked out by the hardworking craftsmen, which make Diwali all the more special.

However, restrictions put on the bursting of crackers across India to two hours from 8 pm to 10 pm -on Diwali and other festivities.

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