President addresses Parliament today


As the first session of the 17th Lok Sabha set off on Monday, President Ram Nath Kovind addressed the joint sitting of both the houses at the Central Hall of Parliament today.

Stating that the people favoured the efforts of development made by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi led government, Kovind in his speech said, “People have given a clear mandate to the government to continue the developmental journey that started in 2014”.

The President also gave a summary of the government’s goal over the period of next five years.

Further, he said, “The people of India have waited for a very long time for even basic facilities to reach them, I am happy to say that my government has now made it a priority to reach out and uplift people from poverty and provide all the basic needs to live with dignity. Rural and urban India, both must progress”.

Kovind also mentioned about some of the new decisions for the development of the people of the country such as increase in farmers’ income, development of rural areas, development in the health sector, and women empowerment including security of women and education.

Speaking on the reservation of the economically weaker sections of the general category, the President said, “The Government has made provision of 10 per cent reservation for youth from economically weaker section of the general category. This will enable them to get more opportunities in employment and education”.

The Rajya Sabha is set to begin its proceedings after the address of the President.

The Parliament session is slated to continue till July 26. The Economic Survey will be presented to Parliament on 4th July and the Union Budget for 2019- 20 will be presented to Lok Sabha on 5th July.

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