President Gives Assent to Farm Bills Amid Outrage


President Ram Nath Kovind has today reportedly given his assent to all the three farm bills that are at the centre of a political storm in the country and have sparked a huge row among the farmers.

Two of these bills were passed last week in the Upper House amidst a lot of uproar from the Opposition. The Opposition had requested the President not to sign the bills.

A bill, even after being passed by both the houses of the Parliament, doesn’t become an act until it receives the President’s assent. If the President doesn’t sign any bill, it goes back to the Parliament for reconsideration.

It also must be noted that all the three bills sought to replace the ordinances that were passed by the Government in June.

The Opposition, meanwhile, is heating things up. Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD) has walked out of the NDA alliance, resulting in BJP losing one of its oldest allies.

The party today called upon all the political parties to unite in opposition to the legislations, which have triggered widespread protests in Haryana and Punjab, and to put forward a united fight to protect the farmers’ interests.   

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