Tantric attempts to sacrifice boy in Sivsagar


In a shocking incident of superstition and black magic, a child was attempted to offer as sacrifice by a tantric in Assam’s Sivsagar district.

According to reports, a local tantric named Khirod  Gogoi  tried to sacrifice a 14 year boy of 2No Chaul Kora village on the occasion of Manasa Puja. The locals of the village rescued the boy after they came to know the evil intentions of Gogoi.

Having caught, the tantric said the locals that the boy must be sacrificed as a ritual at the Manasa Puja and it would fulfill the desires of the people.

The malevolent tantric tried to flee from the spot after the angry villagers charged at him. However the villagers caught him and handed over to the police.

An FIR has been filed against Khirod Gogoi by the parents of the boy.




(Featured image:patrika.com)

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