Prince William Expresses Concern Over Kaziranga Flood

Prince William, Duke of Cambridge expressed concern over the devastating flood in Kaziranga National Park (KNP) and wrote a letter to the Director of the Park saying that he is really heartbroken over the death of so many animals due to flood.

The letter reads as “Catherine and I were heartbroken to hear about the appalling devastation to Kaziranga National Park and its precious wildlife caused by the very heavy monsoon flooding.”

The letter further reads as “We have the happiest memories of our visit to Kaziranga in April 2016 and are shocked by what has happened. the deaths of so many animals including one-horned rhino is deeply upsetting. We know from our visit how dedicated all the staff in Kaziranga are in caring for the Park’s wildlife, and can only begin to imagine what a difficult time this must be. Catherine and I greatly admire the work you and the rangers at Kaziranga are doing to risk your own safety, rescue animals, and contain the damage.”

The Prince also wrote in the letter that the loss of life and livelihoods in Assam are result of the flooding, coming on top of the COVID-19 pandemic is deeply distressing.

We offer our deepest condolences to all those affected, said the letter.

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