Priyanka Gandhi is a big factor this election. Why?


Priyanka Gandhi is not new to politics. Priyanka Gandhi has it in her gene to be a politician. She has seen generation after generation going into politics and she knows the art. In earlier elections, she was seen confined to two constituencies of Amethi and Raebareli that are represented by her mother and brother in parliament, but last month, she was nominated General Secretary of the party in charge of Eastern UP. That long awaited step of Congress changed the entire scenario. She started her political journey from the mighty banks of Ganga touring all along the river for four days, attracting enormous media attention.

Reminding everyone of the freedom struggle: She spent the night at her ancestral house, Swaraj Bhawan, the epicenter of the freedom movement and this memory is embedded in the mind space of local UP. This is a symbolic step by Priyanka Gandhi as it is seen to convey the sacrifice that Congress Party made for the freedom movement to a larger segment of audience and making every Indian remind of Indira Gandhi, she tweeted: “While sitting at the Swaraj Bhawan, I can see the room where my daadi (grandmother) was born. My grandmother used to tell me the story of Joan of Arc while putting me to sleep at night. Her voice resonates in my heart even today. She used to say, ‘Be fearless. Then, everything will be good’,” Priyanka Gandhi tweeted in Hindi.

Hindutva: Congress Party has been long accused of favouring the Muslims and Muslims being the key vote bank for the party. Whereas, the game has changed this time. Rahul Gandhi has been temple hopping since Gujarat assembly elections an Priyanka too has started her journey from the Holy Ganga and visiting the Hanuman Temple before the boat ride, has also great significance.

Physical appearance: Priyanka has been compared to Indira Gandhi physically, the way she talks, and even the way she wears her saree, her hairstyle. Indira Gandhi was very popular among women voters and that was exactly, what we could see in the four day tour of Priyanka Gandhi. She was more inclined towards her women voters, she interacted and tried to reach them by shaking hands, hugging them and smiling.

Jat-Pat ka politics: Priyanka Gandhi’s tour across the Ganga has a different angle. She is targeting those castes of Dalit and OBCs who were ignored by the BJP in 2014 and the 2017 state election. She has been not left any cards unturned. She is interacting with marginalised castes including the Kurmis and Nishads. She has also met the sister of Bandit Queen Phoolan Devi, Rukmani Devi. These steps are very strategically taken in which BJP might loose its cards this elections. It is assumed that a section of Brahmans are upset with BJP on the issue of the SC/ST Act – after the Supreme Court banned the immediate arrests of those accused of discriminating against Dalits and OBCs, the Modi government was seen as intervening to circumvent the order which was liked by upper castes.

It is still too early to give a verdict and media is yet to see the campaigning by both the parties. But Priyanka is considered to be the fresh blood and fresh face in the main stream politics in the Eastern U.P. By her strategies and her modesty which is a combination of a good soul and an intelligent brain, she has a good potential to change to game of Congress in upcoming election.

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