“Protect Us!”: Afghan Journalists’ Open Letter To World

Source: United Nations

In an open letter to the United Nations, human rights bodies, media-supporting organisations, and international communities, journalists from and working in Afghanistan urged to safeguard them against threats from the ongoing atrocities after Taliban recaptured the war-torn country.

The letter was signed by 150 mediapersons on Saturday.

“Considering the increasing challenges and threats facing media workers, as well as their families and property, we urge the United Nations and donor countries to take action to save our lives and our families,” the letter read as published by Afghanistan run news outlet ToloNews.

The letter comes following the collapse of the former Afghan government on August 15. Moreover, three journalists were killed in the twin explosion outside Kabul international airport last Thursday.

Several mediapersons said the world must take action to defend Afghan journalists and media as they have been working relentlessly for freedom of speech over the last two decades. Women journalists, specifically have been restricted from working and are living in uncertainties.

Meanwhile, according to the reports of ToloNews Afghan media workers have also launched a social media campaign calling on international organisations to address their challenges and make their fate clear and a number of owners and officials of media companies even stated that access information has been completely limited following the collapse of the Ghani administration.  

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