Protected status for Necropolises in UP & Mizoram


Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) officials today informed that sites from two necropolises from different ends of the country in Mizoram’s Champhai district and Uttar Pradesh’s Sanauli will be granted as ‘protected sites.’

This includes four sites from Champhai district where menhirs, megaliths and rock engravings dating back to 15-18 AD have been excavated. According to ASI, the site in Sanauli dates back to 2BC or the late Harappan period where a pre-Iron Age specimen of a chariot was found. Necropolises are ancient cities built around burial grounds in obeisance to the dead.

The ASI Aizawl circle has put forwarded the proposal of the protected site status to the Champhai sites which has termed the findings important cultural remains of pre-British era Mizoram and the proposal is with the Union Cultural Ministry. The notification of the Sanauli site was published last week.

The four sites at Champhai district are Lianpui, Lungfulian, Dungtlang and Farkawn and lie within a 100 km radius from the district headquarters.  

Meanhwile, earlier this year, at Sanauli, excavations by a 10-member team led by SK Manjul of the Institute of Archaeology pointed to existence of a warrior class living at the Pre-Iron or Bronze Age in 2000-1800 BC. According to experts, this led to the redefining of the Mahabharata Age. Coffins and burial sites, rice and pulses in a pot, copper helmets and cattle bones were dug up at the 4,000-year old burial site at Baghpat district.

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