Protest against Karbi Anglong mob lynching incident turns violent in Guwahati


Thousands youths in Guwahati took to the streets to protest against the inhumane mob lynching incident of Karbi Anglong where two boys were brutally killed.

Commerce point witnessed the start of a peaceful protest, seeking justice for Abhijeet Nath and Nilotpal Das, which unfortunately turned violent after the police lathi charged protesters to move them away from the location.

Women protesters were lathi charged too, by male police personnel, after which protesters retaliated by throwing stones, pieces of bricks and bottles at the police. This led to difficulty in movement of vehicles for hours.

It may be mentioned here that the protesters had come out after a call was made on social media and did not belong to any particular organisation or party.

Numerous measures have been taken up by Assam Police, along with social media monitoring, to curb any anti-social incident.

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