Pushkar Mela: Bharalu clogged with plastic waste


As the Brahmaputra Pushkar festival has been going on in Guwahati, the district administration has closed the sluice gate of the Bharalu to minimise the pollution level of the Brahmaputra during the Pushkar Festival as the devotees will take bath in the river. Also, the Water Resources Department diverted the Bharalu river water through the Mora Bharalu to Deepor Beel.

As a result, the Bharalu river in Guwahati is currently being buried in plastic garbage. The heaps of plastic waste are blocking the flow of water in some places in the city.

“The water level of Bharalu has been rapidly rising with all the garbage,” said a local in Anil Nagar. With the increasing water level, the locals are worried that the garbage in Bharalu will bring threat to the citizens within a few hours.

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