Queen in ‘king’ of problem

Queen accused of giving false degree


The BJP Guwahati Lok Sabha Candidate Queen Ojha is a major legal mess as her affidavit was found with false information about her educational qualification.

In her affidavit, she wrote that her highest qualification is the higher Secondary of the Krishna Kanta Handique Open University(KKHSOU), 2011.

But the KKHSOU authorities informed that they do not have a course like that. ” All that they have a bachelor Preparatory Program(BPP) to enroll someone in the Degree course but that is not a degree and cannot be written as a Higher secondary degree.  Further that BPP is also applicable for admission in our University” said Professor Ankuran Dutta, who was the professor of the KKHSOU that time.

A similar sentiment was echoed by Vice-Chancellor Dr Hitesh Deka. “She might have enrolled in that program, but that is not at all called Higher Secondary degree’ said Mr. Deka.

Already several citizens have filed a complaint with the Election Commission while during scrutiny all of her opponents namely Bobeeta Sharma of Congress and Upamanyu Hazarika are bound to take it up to see that her nomination is canceled.

Queen has been giving confusing statements all over in the past few days over her educational qualification. In front of media, she spoke of being in the Hadique College but in past affidavits, she had shown herself as matriculate.

During the security, the opponents may demand cancellation of her candidature. This has created panic in the BJP camp.

“It is not important how high qualified she is. There are hundreds of MPs who do not even matriculate. But the question is whether you have lied or not. If you have lied under oath then you are in big problem. Moreover, you are going to be a lawmaker and make law for the country” said Mr Anjan Sharma, publisher.

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