R Madhavan’s Son Wins Gold in National Aquatic Meet


Bollywood Actor R Madhavan’s son Vedaant has made his parents proud by winning medals at the Junior Nationals Swim meet.

The actor’s son has got the same talent as his father but not in acting but in sports. After his son won the medal, Madhavan took it to his social media handles to share the news.

Vedaant won three Golds and Silver at the event. It has come to know from Madhavan’s post that Vedaant will also participate in the Asian Games.

Madhavan in a post in 2018 said that his son won his first medal for India at an International swim meet in Thailand.

Madhavan in a tweet said, “With all your blessings, good wishes and God’s grace, Vedaant makes us proud again. 3 Golds and a Silver at the Junior Nationals Swim Meet. His first individual national medlas. Asian Next. Thank you so much to GAF Mumbai and to all the coaches and team members.”

However, speaking about Famously Filmfare, the actor shared his desire to cast his own son for his biopic saying that, “I would want to direct my own biopic and want my son to play me character.”

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