Rag tag Assam Border police for post NRC?

A rag tag Assam border police, with vintage logistics and a small manpower, gingerly getting ready to handle the post NRC avalanche of  Bangladeshi, not knowing how they will cope up nor the big bosses of the Assam Police could draw up any concrete plan.

The Border police which supposed to have  500 task forces consist of one ASI and one havildar have not been able to keep track of 70000 of 91000 Bangladeshi declared foreigners by various Tribunals of Assam. 

In the last one year, they have been able to catch just 251 of these declared foreigners and sent to judicial custody  while 69,750 are still roaming free in Assam.

Overburdened, stretched the Assam Border police will now handle 30 off lakh names to be declared foreigners raising the serious question, how this force which has not been able to find out 69000 already declared Bangladeshis will now handle now new list of another 30 lakhs.

The DGP Kula Saikia, who is retiring on August 31, is aware of the situation but he too has no answer. Similarly, ADGP Bhaskar Jyoti Mahanta is also seized of the matter. Assam Police is recruiting 2000 constables this year but Border Police are unsure how much is for them. Although the Border police have started working eFT project which will give the IT support to the Foreigners Tribunals expected to handle 30 odd lakh cases from August onwards.

The total strength of the Assam police is roughly 50,000 and of which 1000 have been officially given to the Task Force of the Border Police of Assam, which has been created  a second line of defense against Bangladeshi.

With the final NRC just a month way, the Assam Government seems to be not bothered about the situation and is going through the flow as for all the stake holders the publication of the NRC is the ideal point of publicity.

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