Rahul calls Modi autocrat, incompetent, arrogant


Congress Chief Rahul Gandhi speaking to parliamentarians from the Congress party on Tuesday, used words like – Autocrat, Incompetent and Arrogant to attack Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Gandhi while addressing his first Congress Parliamentary Party meeting as party Chief, did not miss any chance to target the Modi led BJP government on issues ranging from economy and unemployment to women’s safety and mob lynching.

When Narendra Modi was elected prime minister in 2014, he had said that “India had been a slow ‘passenger train’ for seventy years after Independence and now under his guidance and rule the country would become a sleek and shining ‘magical train’ destined for ‘achhe din’,” said Rahul at the parliamentary meet.

Coming down heavily on Modi, Rahul said, “Four years of Modi rule later, sadly, India today looks more like a train that is being driven to disaster by an autocratic, incompetent and arrogant driver, who does not care what happens to the passengers he is responsible for”.

“The crisis of governance in India under the Narendra Modi government — marked by corruption, total economic failure, incompetence and spread of social divisiveness — is at its peak,” Rahul said.

Rahul also claimed that there was “a rising tide of anger” against the Modi government and that the “people of India are looking up to the Congress and its allied parties to help remove the Modi government”.

A large part of the Congress Chief’s speech was devoted to criticisms that Rahul Gandhi has voiced before.

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