Rahul Gandhi’s hug diplomacy draws nation’s attention


Congress chief Rahul Gandhi’s ‘hug diplomacy’ act during the debate on no confidence motion has drawn nation’s attention.

Though Congress’s rivals have termed the act of Rahul Gandhi as childish, political pundits termed Rauhl’s ‘hug’ act as a clever tactic to win people support.

Congress chief Rahul Gandhi ended his sharpest-ever attack on Prime Minister Narendra Modi in parliament today by walking over and hugging him.

“You can call me Pappu, but I don’t have a speck of hatred against you. This is what it means to be a Hindu,” he said at the end of the hour-long attack. The BJP said it would take action against the Congress chief for his “false allegations” against the PM.

Lok Sabha Speaker Sumitra Mahajan said that the behaviour displayed in the Parliament was against the decorum of the House. She said that the behaviour was not suitable for the House and the prime minister of the country shouldn’t have been approached in such a way. To this, Leader of Congress party Mallikarjun Kharge objected asking what was wrong in hugging a political opponent.

The Congress President sounded the bugle calls for the 2019 election in his speech and nearly won the leadership battle brewing in the wider gamut of the Opposition in one fell swoop of a performance.

Mahajan said that she was not objecting to the hug and she would encourage cordial behaviour in House but the entire ‘natak’ was not suitable, especially the way Rahul ji winked afterwards. “This is not right”, said Mahajan.

Rajnath Singh took a jibe at Rahul Gandhi for starting a ‘chipko movement’ in Parliament. The home minister’s taunt came as a response to Gandhi hugging Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the Lok Sabha that is debating a no-confidence motion against the NDA government Friday.

“Rahul Gandhi started chipko andolan in Lok Sabha,” Singh told the Lok Sabha.
Union Parliamentary Affairs minister Ananth Kumar termed Rahul Gandhi hugging act in during the debate on no confidence motion as childish.

“Rahul Gandhi’s behaviour was childish. He has grown old but it is unfortunate that he has not grown up as a person. It is unfortunate that the president of Congress is so ill-informed and immature”, Ananth Kumar said.

Rahul Gandhi attacked Prime Minister Narendra Modi on multiple issues including the Rafale deal, saying he is not a “chowkidaar (guard)” but a “bhagidaar” (participant). “Everybody understands the relationship the PM has with certain business people. The Rafale deal was given to one such person and he benefitted thousands of crores… I can see he (PM) is smiling but there is a touch of nervousness. And now he cannot look me in the eye”.

Gandhi also spoke of a “political weapon” called “jumla strike”. “The symptoms are a great sense of happiness, a feeling shock and then 8-hour-long speeches,” he said. His scathing speech was punctuated by deafening protests from the BJP members and the Speaker had to adjourn the house for several minutes.

Featured image: LOk Sabha TV

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