Rajen Gohain’s wife breaks down, blames media

Union Railway Minister and Nagaon MP Rajen Gohain’s Wife Rita Nath Gohain today broke down and alleged that vicious attack on Rajen Gohain on his “sexapades” by the television channels has brought trouble within family and caused great anxiety.

She pleaded all not to raise ”sensitive” issues which has harmed her and her family. ” We live in a family and in a society. If you keep showing these sensitive materials in TV and discuss it in a panel discusson it cause us great trouble” she said while speaking to media.

In fact it already cost Rajen Gohain his Nagaon seat, which he won for four consecutive terms. He also opened his mouth against media and expressed frustration over non declaration of ticket in the Nagaon constituency.

This is noteworthy that Mr. Gohain is a fighting a case of alleged rape in the Guwahati High Court and next date of hearing is March 25. He already informed media that due to non clearance of his name from the rape case, he could not be renominated for the Lok Sabha election.

He had proposed his wife Rita Nath Gohain’s name as a contender but BJP high command has not yet decided about the constituency as at midnight last Pallab Lochan Das’s name was cleared for Tezpur seat.

Now Nagaon is the only constituency of Assam where BJP has not declared its candidate. Nagaon is going to poll on April 18 and last date of filing nomination paper is April 1.

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