Rajesh Himatsingka speaks on Amsoi incident


Renowned businessman Rajesh Himatsingka, who was detained By the North Guwahati police on Monday pertaining to the Amsoi shooting incident, has revealed details of the incident.

Himatsingka, speaking to Pratidin Time, said that the bullet had been fired accidentally.

“Two youths came to Amsoi Tea Estate at 3:30 PM along with the girl, who was shot, for a night party”, said the businessmen adding, “And the three of them wanted to have a look at my pistol when it accidentally got fired at the girl.”

According to the detainee, the time during which incident had taken place was around 8-8:30 PM.

Along with Rajesh Himatsingka, his wife had also been detained by the police yesterday.

Himatsingka’s wife has alleged that she was not present in the room during the incident and that she has been harassed without any reason.

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