Rajinikanth opposes Amit Shah’s Hindi imposition

Tamil superstar Rajinikanth on September 18, Wednesday, said no language should be imposed on people in his reaction to Home Minister Amit Shah’s comment that Hindi should become the unifier language.

While Rajinikanth didn’t harshly dismiss the idea unlike other leaders, he did say that it was a good idea for any county to have a common language for its unity and progress. He added it was not possible to bring the common language concept in southern India. Therefore, an imposition of a language is impractical in India. He also pointed out that if one imposes Hindi, many states in northern parts will also not accept it.

Recently, Home Minister Amit Shah made comments on Hindi becoming a unifying language. On Saturday, Amit Shah tweeted that India is a country of many different languages, and each language has its own significance, but it is necessary to have a common language marking India’s identity globally.

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