Rakesh Paul’s confidant now In BJP

When Gautom Roy was with the Congress, the BJP used to call him the kingpin of corruption. But, now, less than one year since their utterances, BJP, in a complete U-turn, has welcomed Roy as Party worker. This has proved that for the sake of grabbing power, Sonowal and his party can take recourse to any sort of political expediency.

Former Congress minister Gautom Roy during his tenure as cabinet minister, introduced APSC chairman Rakesh Paul to the then chief minister Tarun Gogoi and played a major role in appointing him APSC chairman by the State government despite opposition from the Personnel department.

Assam Police had questioned Roy for his alleged involvement in striking secret monetary deals with a section of candidates aspiring to become Assam Civil Service officers because of his close association with APSC chairman Rakesh Paul.

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