Ramakanta Dewri Seeks Apology to the Brahman Samaj


Morigaon MLA Ramakanta Dewri apologized for his derogatory statement made against the Brahman Samaj. Dewri said that he has some problems while speaking in written language as he belongs from the Tiwa tribe.

Dewri in his apology statement said, “I should have said two people of Brahman samaj but I said as the entire samaj which was wrong. I apologize to the Brahman Samaj for my statement.”

He said that two leaders of students’ union tried to mock him in front of the public and therefore he expressed anger against the student leader. “My statement was not meant for the entire Brahman Samaj but only for the two leaders of students’ union which I said in emotion and anger. I speak straight forward to being a Tiwa person. I seek apology to the samaj if I hurt someone’s sentiment,” said Dewri.

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