Ranu Mondal’s makeup picture is ‘fake’

Internet sensation Ranu Mondal was recently trolled for her makeup look. She attended an event last week, where she was photographed with heavy makeup. Now, the salon that did her makeup has claimed that Ranu Mondal’s picture from the event was photoshopped.

Releasing a picture of Ranu Mondal’s actual look from the event, the parlor – Sandhya’s Makeover, wrote on Instagram, “As you can see, this is the difference between the work that we have done and the ‘Fake’ picture that has been edited to an extent.”

“All the jokes and trolls are fine and they make us laugh too but to hurt someone sentiments, that’s not a very good thing to do,” they further wrote.

Earlier this week, Mondal’s makeup had led to memes and jokes.

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