Rape allegations against ‘Sanskari’ actor Alok Nath


In the wake of the ‘MeToo’ movement in India, veteran Film and TV actor Alok Nath known for  his ‘Sanskari’ character on silver screen had been accused of sexual assault and harassment by writer-producer Vinta Nanda on Tuesday.

Another shocker awaited Alok Nath on Wednesday as Bollywood actress Sandhya Mridul also opened up about being harassed by veteran actor.

Both the Bollywood celebrities have revealed their horrific experiences with the ‘Sanskari’ actor.

“We were shooting for a night scene and I had taken a change of costumes to him. Once I handed him the clothes, he started stripping in front of me. I was taken aback, and tried to make my way out of the room as soon as possible. When I tried to run out, he grabbed my hand and manhandled me. I remember yanking my hand out of his grip and rushing out of the room,” Vinta Nanda alleged.

On the other hand, actress Sandhya Mridul also recounted her horrific experience and said she supports TV writer-producer Vinta Nanda who was sexually assaulted by the renowned actor. Sandhya also mentioned how after the incident she was tagged as a ‘difficult and arrogant’ person by Nath.

In her tweet, Sandhya revealed that during the shoot of a Zee telefilm, drunken Nath came to her room after dinner and lunged at her. Traumatized with what had happened, she ran away from the room and met her DOP in the hotel lobby who accompanied her back to the room. But the senior actor refused to listen to the DOP as well and insisted on staying. He continued threatening Sandhya and abused her while trying to grab her. After much effort, he was made to leave the room and the hairdresser was made to sleep in her room.

Meanwhile, Alok Nath’s lawyer Ashok Sarogi on Wednesday termed the allegations as a ‘planned conspiracy’, and also threatened to file defamation suits against the women on behalf of his client

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