Rape charge against Alok Nath false:Court


A Court in Mumbai yesterday found Alok Nath might have been falsely implicated by Vinta Nanda of raping her 19 years ago as she did not remember the date and month of the incident.

The #MeToo campaign of India got a big jolt as the court granted anticipatory bail.

The court observed that Vinta Nanda “did not lodge the report immediately after the alleged incident for her own benefit”. The court has also observed that “possibility cannot be ruled out that the applicant [Alok Nath] has been falsely accused in the crime”.

Nanda had accused actor Alok Nath of raping her 19 years ago. Nanda did not file a case against Nath then as she was told that since Alok Nath is a big actor, no one would believe her story.

The sessions court observed that there is “no record to show that Nath had given any threat or made any promise against lodging a report”.

The court has taken into consideration the arguments made by Nath’s lawyer that there were many discrepancies in the complaint that Nanda filed.

The court noted that Nanda “remembers the entire incident but she did not remember the date and month of the incident”. Therefore, the court concluded that there was a “possibility that Alok Nath was being falsely accused of the crime”.

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