Reasons still unknown for Sunday’s fire at Nirvana Tower in Guwahati


In a terrifying incident, a devastating fire broke out on the third floor of Nirvana Tower at Zoo Road, Guwahati on Sunday evening.

However, no specific reason has yet been known that caused the fire that damaged a complete floor of the commercial buildingr. The police suspect a short circuit as the reason behind the fire.

There have been a number of speculations while varied inputs were put forward by several online news portals and mainstream media claiming it to be a cylinder blast at Kareem’s Restaurant, which is situated on the second floor but the fire actually broke out on the third floor.

People, who are closely related to the restaurant, exclusively spoke to Pratidin Time and said “There has been no cylinder blast on the second floor or anywhere else in the building”.

They too suspect a short circuit being the reason behind the fire. They also said that the interior of the third floor was under construction and a number of people were working there. So, there could be a number reasons behind the fire that broke out.

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