Relive Your Summer Vacations!


If you could go back now and relive your summer vacations as a kid…

by Amlan Jyoti Saikia

Summer vacations to the Indian kid are quintessentially the best time of the year when there’s no homework to finish, no time limit to play or watch TV! We played and enjoyed ourselves like there is no tomorrow!

Here are some of the things that will instantly remind you of your childhood.

Every time I’d ask my mother for something to eat, she’d point at the box of mangoes and I’d search through the hay to find the warmest and the one with a sweet aroma to gorge on!

The best place to spend summer holidays – Uncle-Aunt home!

Watch TV as much as you want while mom gets bossed, for shouting at you. The house-help is so excited to take you out for chocolates and chips. Junk is fully allowed…

While most Indian parents won’t let you have any gola at least till your exams are done, the last day of school is literally the best day in the life of a school kid and the ice cream wala/gola-wala…!

It definitely made up for all the excitement..and looking back at all those photographs from when your ‘swimming costume’ were neon colored does bring a smile on your face too, doesn’t it?

We’d spend hours on building castles that never looked anything better than the Whatsapp poop emoji. But as kids, the best part about building these sand castles was breaking them down!

From training wheels to racing till the end of the lane and returned home ringing the bell all the way. After all, everyone who tries to ride a bike is at least once in a lifetime asked, ‘don’t you know how to ride a cycle? It’s just like that’ …..

After a hard day’s play, looking into the refrigerator for something fun to eat including mangoes or chocolates was one of my favorite pastimes. And even if there wasn’t anything good enough to eat or drink, at least the cool refrigerator wind was all I needed during hot afternoons… until my mum would come back and smack me for leaving the door open for so long!

I bet these small funny instances among many others take you back, all the way back when you were just a kid and you had to do was play!

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