Research scholars can submit final thesis in respective language, says Governor


Governor Jagdish Mukhi on Monday has allowed students doing research in Hindi, Bengali and Sanskrit at Gauhati University to submit their thesis in the respective languages.

“Acting on a series of complaints on the language of the thesis in the subjects like Hindi, Bengali and Sanskrit, Assam Governor Jagdish Mukhi by virtue of being the Chancellor of Gauhati University has made it compulsory for the research scholars to submit their final thesis in the respective language that is Hindi, Bengali and Sanskrit other than English,” stated an official release.

Further, the Governor has received complaints from the research scholars of different linguistic departments expressing their reluctance to write research papers in English, it added.

“They contended that research thesis of languages like Hindi, Bengali and Sanskrit should be allowed to be written in respective languages. They also said that such thesis will be helpful in unearthing newer information in a better way,” read the statement.

The governor has asked the Vice Chancellor of Gauhati University Mridul Hazarika to look into the matter and come out with a definite decision.

“The Academy Council of Gauhati University in its meeting held on June 29 approved the matter of writing of thesis in departments of Hindi, Bengali and Sanskrit in respective languages,” it added.

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