Residents grim over road blockade in Noonmati


The residents of Ganesh Mandir Path residing in the township area of IOCL-Guwahati Refinery have submitted a memorandum to the Deputy Commissioner of Kamrup Metropolitian and other important authorities of the state government regarding an ongoing conflict that has aggravated over the past few days due to the closure of certain roads and byelanes frequently by Guwahati refinery. The residents of the housing colonies of the township area are facing issues due to the road blockade and are seeking a solution by appealing the government authorities to prohibit the road blockade.

The refinery from time to time in order to maintain a peaceful environment has been closing down New Guwahati’s Ganesh Mandir byelane number four and nine. These roads even connect to the neighbouring lanes of Jyoti Nagar, Gopal Nagar and Nepali Chowk. The residents are troubled over this situation, especially, women folk who previously used Sector 1 road for daily morning walk. This situation of chaos and conflict was even reported to the Kamrup Metropolitian Deputy Commissioner and the check gates and roads were reopened for a short span of time. However, the roads were closed down by the refinery authorities once again. This issue keeps creating constant turmoil among the residents of the township.

Meanwhile, the residents of Ganesh Mandir discussed this perplexing situation that keeps occurring frequently and one of the women residents engaged in an argument with the others. On June 1, the residents of Jayanta Nagar and Sector 1 raised concerns about the aggressive behaviour expressed by the woman and complained about her to different authorities including the deputy commissioner of the city. Furthermore, the residents have been worried about the frequent agitations that keep occurring at the check gate area of Jayanta Nagar. The residents are now waiting for a response from the concerned authorities.

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