Resistance Forces Kill 40 Taliban Fighters, Reclaim Three Afghan Districts

Source: GettyImages

In a major development, an Afghan resistance force killed at least 40 Taliban fighters in the last 24 hours.

Moreover, as stated by several media outlets, Khair Muhammed Andarabi led Public’s Resistance Forces claimed to have captured Pol-e-Hesar, Deh Salah, and Qasaan districts in Afghanistan’s Baghlan from the Taliban.

The former acting minister of defence Bismillah Muhammadi tweeted, “Resisting the Taliban terrorists is our duty # Pul-e-Hesar, Deh Salah, and Banu districts in Baghlan have been occupied by the resistance forces. Resistance is still alive.”

Currently, Bismillah is based in Panjsheer province, the only region out to be controlled by the Taliban.

Media reports claim that as many as 40 Taliban fighters have been killed by the resistance force while 15 others were injured. The Taliban is yet to issue a statement on this development.

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