Responsible Citizen Helps Sonitpur Police Trap Fake Gold Rackets In Tezpur

Retired Sports Commissioner Moloy Bora on Tuesday morning helped the Sonitpur Police to bust a fake gold racket in Tezpur, Assam.

As narrated by Moloy Bora, the racketeer called him claiming that he has been working as a mason named Raju since the days of Moloy’s father.

Raju claimed that he found three gold bars while digging a site in Tezpur University and was trying to sell the gold bars to Moloy for three lakh rupees.

Pretending to be interested in the deal, Moloy connected with the Superintendent of Police, Sonitpur and later successfully helped the Sonitpur Police to nab the fake gold racketeers on Tuesday morning.

The Sonitpur Police since quite some time are conducting operations and raid to bust out fake gold racketeers in the district.

The Sonitpur Police have arrested more than 50 fake gold racketeers and seized huge quantities of fake gold in kilograms in the last few weeks.

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