AGP Picks up “Rhino Poacher” as Panchayat candidate


A wellknown and hard core rhino poacher of Kaziranga Ganesh Dolwy of Dhansiri Mukh near Bokakhart have been personally elected  by Asom Gana Parshad (AGP) president Atul Bora to fight for Gaon Panchayat president in the upcoming Panchayat poll.

This has shocked and demoralized the Assam police and the Kaziranga national park forest authorities as the poacher was arrested multiple occasion since 2012 and out on bail.

Yesterday with lot of fan fare, he filed the nomination papers at Bokakhat and that shocked the common people and officials as Ganesh Doley has been known as well known criminal and rhino poacher. He was paraded before media at least three times by the police and some of his cases are still in the court but the AGP had the audacity to nominate him as the GP President.

Talking to newsmen that he was arrested by police with no evidence and unfounded suspicion. The case was clsed on 2017 and he was not convicted. However two other cases are still going on and he is an under trial.

The KNP authorities have released photos and videos of his arrest to the media. He was convicted by Boakahkat local court but yet for mysterious reason Atul Bora had chosen a poacher for the Panchayat Poll.

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