Ripun Bora attacks govt for ‘unplanned’ lockdown in Guwahati

Ahead of the complete lockdown in Guwahati from Sunday evening and the 12-hour curfew imposed across the state, Assam Pradesh Congress Committee (APCC) Ripun Bora addressing media stated opposition parties are as concerned as the government about the escalating COVID-19 cases in the state.

In this connection, Bora added, “However, the government took the decision without consulting other political parties and trade union”.

Taking a jibe at Himanta Biswa Sarma, Bora said, “The health minister’s activities resemble Tughlaq’s”.

He accused the government for the ongoing chaos and clutter in Guwahati and other cities and towns.

Assessing the perplexing situation, the Congress leader said, “Not everyone can afford to buy food supplies for fourteen days, “and added, “The government did not consider the plight of private cab drivers, workers, plumbers and alike”.  He asserted, the government took a hasty decision and only safeguarded the interests of a specific section of the society.

Citizens of Assam have already suffered the previous phases of lockdown and the upcoming fourteen day lockdown will affect most people tremendously, and, asked, “Will the government take any steps to support the people? Will any scheme or package be announced?”

Bora further said Delhi, Maharashtra and Gujarat have comparatively higher number of COVID-19 cases and they are initiating to lift the lockdown gradually, but, in Assam an unplanned lockdown has been imposed.

The APCC president, also alleged, the lockdown in Guwahati will be imposed to curb the spread of the virus but it will be also used for political gains.

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