Ripun Bora Confident of Winning 8 to 10 LS Seats


Assam Pradesh Congress Committee (APCC) president Ripun Bora on Wednesday said that his party has gained massive support from the people of Assam and claimed that Congress will win 8 to 10 Lok Sabha seats out of total 14 seats in Assam.

Addressing the media, Bora said, “Increasing number of voter turnout indicated that people want change. Also people have casted conscience vote in favour of Congress.”

Attacking the BJP, the Assam Congress president said, “BJP has faced challenged in this elections and most of the intellectuals have supported Congress.”

Bora thanked party members as well as the voter. He also extended his gratitude towards media and said, “Assam’s media played an unbiased role this election except for a few media houses.”

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