Ripun Bora slams BJP over unlawful detention of foreigners


At a time when Assam NRC is being updated to identify foreigners, the state made a blunder in the Supreme Court by proposing the release of declared foreigners. Addressing a press conference in New Delhi, APCC President Ripun Bora in this context slammed at the Assam government on Saturday for failing to address the issue of illegal immigrants.

The Congress leader urged the president of India to disqualify the BJP-led Assam Government.

“Centre yet to hold any discussion with Bangladesh to solve the issue. BJP is seen using this issue for its political benefit.”: Bora said.

Keeping the people’s sentiments aside, BJP government in Assam proposed to conditionally release the foreigners, who have been languishing in its detention centres for over five years. This move is illegal and violative of the Constitution.” : Bora added.

Meanwhile, President Bora slammed at the Government over safety of journalists. He said that the government has totally failed to protect the journalists in the state.

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