Ro-Ro vessel arrive at Guwahati, 30 cars at a time


The massive Ro-Ro vessel to shuttle over river Brahmaputra between Guwahati and North Guwahati has arrived and it can take 12 fully loaded 25-ton trucks or 30 cars at a time besides 200 passengers while crossing the river easier, safer and speedier.

The Vessel built by A.C Roy & Company of Kolkatta at a cost of Rs 57 crores have reached Guwahati on Tuesday and will be put into service before the announcement of the poll, expected on March 5 or 6 next.

This Vessel is 57 metre at length and 15.2 meters at its width. This is the third Ro-Ro service of the Inland Water Authority of India. The first one is in Dhubri sector, the second one is in Majuli sector and this is the third one.

This is noteworthy that boat service across the river Brahmaputra is closed since September 5, 2018 when in a tragic mishap 3 persons were swept away while 12 were rescued.

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