Road accident | Assam loses 9 lives everyday


Do you know Assam loses nine lives every day due to road accident?

No, our figure is not wrong and this is the official figure of the Assam Government.

In fact there has been 200 per cent rise of fatalities over the last year. According to the official source, in 2018 the daily death rate was 4.1 in comparison to 9 deaths per day this year.

Assam has a high rate of accidents and deaths in relation to number of vehicles on the road. The National Highways connecting different places in Assam are in a pathetic condition. Currently, the conditions of NH-15, NH-37, and NH-39 in Assam are such that due to increasing number of deep potholes on the highways, rainwater fills up the broken road in a manner that it becomes difficult to guess the exact depth of the broken roads.

While driver errors such as speeding, distracted driving and drunk driving are among the leading causes of accidents in the state, dangerous road conditions are also a significant contributor.

There were a total of 3,944 traffic injuries in 2019, compared to 3,902 in 2018.

A total of 1,507 people were killed and 3,902 injured in 4,197 accidents last year (January to June), according to a report. A total of 1,729 people lost their lives and 3,944 injured in 4,433 accidents this year (January to June), according to the latest report.

Road traffic accidents (RTA) have silently become an epidemic in Assam. Inadequate attention to road safety is adversely affecting the state’s socio-economic health. Road traffic injuries are the leading cause of death among young people aged 15-44 years. Half of those dying on the roads are ‘Vulnerable road users’—pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists

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