Romen Barthakur Reacted Over Suspension


Senior Congress leader Romen Barthakur while reacting on his suspension from the party said that he was not afraid of being suspended and that if there is someone to protest in the party then the principles of the party will be followed.

Speaking to Pratidintime, Barthakur said, “I was never afraid of being suspended from the party and that there should be someone to protest against the misdeeds happening in the party. There are four principles of law and one of them is deterrence theory which means if someone does any wrong he is afraid of being punished. But I am not afraid and I am still stand on the allegations which I brought against APCC President Ripun Bora.”

Barthakur said that Ripun Bora has taken this step against him only to satisfy his wife. “I have never made any allegations against the party but I have made the allegations against Bora. I will protest against Bora even after coming out of the party. I am not at all dissatisfied with my suspension as I work for the people and will always work for them.”

He said that he happily accepted the suspension order taken in the executive meeting of the party on June 15 but the question is that why the party has not taken any action against Bora who is involved in murder, corruption and all kinds of illegal activities.

Barthakur further stated that he doesn’t have any allegations against the party but he wants to say that two persons in the Gang of 3 has made derogatory statement but Bora remain numb.

He further said that until and unless Bora would be remove from the party who is involved in corruption and murder, Mission 80 will not be possible.  

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