Rs 2000 notes being withdrawn


The Union Government has decided quietly bury the Rs 2000 notes and instructions have been issued to public sector banks to return the notes to the currency chest last week

The circulation of Rs 2,000 denomination currency notes has reportedly been put under restrictions by a top public sector bank.

According to a Business Insider report, a big public sector bank has issued instructions to senior management to keep Rs 2,000 notes out of circulation and also not to stock it at the bank’s ATMs.

According to a report, a government bank has issued an order in writing to its employees which states that they should not give 2,000 rupee notes to the customers.

Apart from this, these notes should not be inserted in ATMs also. Bank officials have been instructed to put 200 and 100 rupee notes in ATMs besides 500.

According to the report, the bank personnel has been ordered through e-mail to give other notes instead of 2,000 rupee note to customers coming for withdrawal.

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