RTI Activist Seeks Contempt Of Court Proceedings Against Ranjan Gogoi


RTI activist Saket Gokhale and an apparent Congress supporter on Tuesday through his social media handle informed that he has written to the attorney general to sought initiation of contempt of court proceedings against former Chief Justice of India Ranjan Gogoi for his comments at the India Today Conclave held recently.

Gokhale, in the letter, recalled that sanction was granted to initiate contempt of court proceedings against comedian Kunal Kamra and comic artist Rachita Taneja over tweets purportedly critical of the judiciary so why should be a former Chief Justice be special?

Some of the comments that the former CJI made at the show, that Gokhale alleged are contemptuous in nature are:

1. “You want a 5 trillion-dollar economy, but you have a ramshackled judiciary”

2. “If you were to go to the court, you’d be only washing your dirty linen in the court. You won’t get a verdict. I have no hesitation in saying it”.

3. “Only corporations, willing to take chances with their millions of rupees go to the Supreme Court”.

4. “What is your opinion of the judiciary? Not very positive”.

Gokhale added that the comments made by the former CJI were “far more contemptuous in their degree and seriousness in scandalising the Supreme Court than the innocuous tweets” by Kamra and Taneja.

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