Sadin-Pratidin Group Chairman Helps Family Claim 12-Year-Old’s Dead Body


In a show of generosity, humanity and magnanimity, Sadin-Pratidin Group Chairman Jayanta Baruah helped a grief-stricken poor family release the dead body of its 12-year-old child from a private hospital.

Ankur Nath, a 12-year-old child of Jagiroad suffering from Brain Tumor had breathed his last at the GNRC Hospital, Guwahati. However, due to the inability of his family to pay the outstanding hospital bills, the body couldn’t be released.

Nonetheless, the family was provided with some succor amidst the all-pervasive grief when Jayanta Baruah paid the outstanding amount of around Rupees 1.5 lakhs and helped the family take possession of the body of the adolescent. He also made arrangements for taking the body home.  

This remarkable gesture of Baruah has garnered a lot of praise, appreciation, and gratitude, both from the hapless family of the deceased and several organizations and parties of Marigaon.        

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