Sahitya Sabha Poll | MCC comes into effect


The election procedure of Assam Sahitya Sabha has started on Sunday. The nomination process is scheduled to be started on October 3 and the last date for nomination is October 4, while the date for withdrawal of nomination is October 7.

The polling process will be carried out through postal voting. The district committees and branch committees will cast their votes between November 1 to December 10, and the votes will be counted on December 15, the Sahitya Sabha Election Committee announced on Sunday.

The MCC lays down rules that govern what the candidates are allowed to do and what they cannot do after the code come into effect. For instance, no candidate will be able to announce any policy decisions after MCC kicks in.

The candidates will now have to be careful about the Model Code of Conduct (MCC) guidelines, which has immediately come into effect after the announcement.

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