Govt lambasted & warned for CAB


The supporters of the Sankalpa Yatra today slammed and warned the BJP government for not pushing for the Citizenship Amendment Bill and urged the voters across the state to teach BJP a lesson in the upcoming Pancahyat Poll.

Speakers after speaker lambasted BJP and its government for betraying Assam and Assamese on the matter of Citizenship bill and made it clear that post 1971 migrations would not be allowed under any cost.

The Government has however not shown any sign of relenting and waiting for the Panchayat Poll results to see which way wind was blowing. The BJP is unlikely to back away from the CAB. Only they may put in the back burner, which is highly unlikely.

Meanwhile the participants of the Sankalka Yatra today into the Guwahati city for a gherao program but police have maintained strict vigil and denied permission fearing unruly incidents . Both the protestors and Government came to a truce. Government allowed a controlled gherao program of 1000 people. The KMSS also grudgingly accepted that and carried out a protest meeting. The rally was not allowed to be taken out of the demarcated area.

Since morning a few hundred people gathered in an around Dispur, but the police have decided to stop the motor cycle borne Yatra team at the outskirts of the city.

The KMSS led protest has not been given permission as KMSS had history of creating ruckus in the city creating problem for ordinary people. But KMSS on the other hand threatened that they would give Assam bandh if their protest was not allowed in by the state government.

The state government is also equally adamant and clamped Section144 and determined to thwart the rally.

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