Sankardev death anniversary celebrated across the state

The death anniversary of Assam’s 15th century saint-scholar, socio-religious reformer and playwright Srimanta Sankardeva was observed with reverence across the State on Sunday.

Along with the other districts, the locals of Batadrava also arranged `Naam’ in the `Holy Batadrava Than’ and various `Sattras’ that Sankaradeva and his followers set up in the State.

Along with the Sattras, established by him and his followers, verses in praise of god from his Kirtan were sung to the beating of khol-taal by his devotees.

After the Naam Prasanga a drama by Srimanta Sankardev named “Bhojan Vihar” was played by the children which attracted the devotees a lot.

Considered to be an important figure in the cultural and religious history of Assam, Sankardeva had started the ‘Mahapurushiya Dharma’ that gave shape to a set of new values and social synthesis.

He had inspired the Bhakti Movement in Assam just as Ramananda, Guru Nanak, Kabir, Basava and Chaitanya Mahaprabhu inspired it elsewhere. With his literary and artistic contributions, he provided the foundation of Assamese culture by building on past literary activities.

After leading an eventful life dedicated to enlightening humanity, he died in 1568 at the age of 120 years.

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