SC allows Bangladeshi to roam freely in Assam


The Supreme Court has allowed Bangladeshi to roam freely in Assam and India after arranging  2 lakh surety and periodic visit to the nearest police station.

The May 10 judgment will have a far reaching impact which most of the Assamese intelligentsia, media and political parties are trying to hide under the carpet realizing the long forty year old agitation against  Illegal infiltration is practically over.

The Assam Government sought to put radio collar and Rs 4 lakh surety before releasing them but the Supreme Court reduced the surety to Rs 2 lakh and did not allow radio collaring.

This order is considered prelude to the announcement of the Work permit as the Government will have to issue some sort of papers for these released people to live in India without being a citizen and earn his or her livelihood besides enjoying the basic right of health and education.

Effectively the Supreme Court order has confirmed that all those names which would come out of the NRC on July 31, would also be released after arranging Rs 2 lakh surety and staying some period in the detention centers.

The AASU, the vanguard of the infiltration movement, are in a shock as they have remained spectator reduced only to give television byte to Assam media on the forecourt of the Supreme Court.

 The AASU curiously did not submit any intervention petition  when for weeks the hearing was going on inside the Supreme Court.

For the record the AASU  gave a statement warning that if the illegal migrants are released conditionally from the detention camps, it will lead to social tension in the State and for all the consequences of such a development, the governments in the State and as well as at the Centre would have to assume responsibilities.

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