SC to hear on two crucial NRC issues today


The Supreme Court, in one of the last hearings on NRC in Assam before its publication on August 31, will again hear the case today.

It may be noted that, the hearing today is crucial since it aims at figuring out how two key issues of the Citizenship Act can be implemented in the final citizens’ list.

Earlier, NRC co-coordinator Prateek Hajela had sought directions on what happens to those who are born before December 2004 if one of their parents is a declared foreigner.

According to the Citizenship Act, if one of the parents is an Indian, their children born before December 3, 2004 will be considered Indians.

However, another provision in the Citizenship Act states that people born after December 3, 2004 will not be considered Indians if one of their parents is an Indian and the other parent is an illegal migrant.

Another crucial issue being the citizenship of people declared Indians or foreigners under the Illegal Migrants (Determination by Tribunal) or IMDT Act which was scrapped by the Supreme Court in 2005.

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