Scrapping of Article 370 Undemocratic: Tarun Gogoi

Former Chief Minister of Assam Tarun Gogoi termed scrapping of Article 370 as undemocratic and said that this is a historic blunder.

Addressing a press conference on Tuesday, Gogoi said that the central government has insulted the people of Jammu and Kashmir by scrapping Article 370. “The central government has degraded the state of Jammu and Kashmir into a centrally ruled area. This will not solve any problem rather it will increase the problem. The step taken by the Centre is like a military rule in the state,” said Gogoi.

Talking about BPF, Gogoi said that the party earlier said that they don’t want a separate state but now they will demand a centrally ruled state and after that a full-fledged state.

He further urged that the leaders of Jammu and Kashmir should be released and that the Centre should take step by discussing with the leaders of the state. Gogoi further said that this is also a threat to the North Eastern state and that the benefits of Assam should be removed in one day itself as the Centre wants ‘one nation one rule’ system.

Gogoi also speaks about NRC saying that the coordinator Prateek Hajela has done whatever he wants and that he had harassed the Muslim community in order to satisfy the RSS. He also stated that the BJP don’t have any responsibility towards the problem of Assam and that many Indians will be left out of NRC.

Reiterating about Bhubaneswar Kalita’s resignation, Gogoi alleged that the former will join BJP and if he will not then Gogoi will seek forgive.

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