Section 144 Imposed at Kaziranga Amid Uruka

The Kaziranga National Park authorities in association with the Subdivisional administration imposed Section 144 at Burhapahar and Bagori range in Kaliabor in order to prevent community fishing during Uruka.

It may be mentioned that the forest department used to give permission to the locals for community fishing in the nearby beels of Kaziranga as a tradition but with the passing days the people took advantage of it and took it for business purpose for which the department and the park authorities have decided to impose 144 in the said areas.

Notably, a section of people also entered the park which became a risk factor for the animals and therefore, the fishing tradition have been banned and Section 144 has been imposed on January 13 and 14.

Moreover, the park authorities and forest department also deployed police and forest rangers so that no people could enter the park illegally.

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