Seize Hajela’s Passport: Abhijeet Sharma


Assam Public Works (APW) president Abhijeet Sharma on Tuesday urged the government to “seize” the passport of Prateek Hajela, the NRC State Coordinator. Sharma demanded to seize Hajela’s passport till the auditing of the NRC process was completed.

The reaction of Sharma, who is the original petitioner on the Supreme Court, came after the apex court on Friday had directed the government to transfer the Assam NRC Coordinator to Madhya Pradesh for the maximum period.

Sharma said that the government should ensure that he (Prateek Hajela) cannot leave the country till auditing of the NRC process was completed. “The government has a major responsibility to find out how a government official who has been solely responsible for spending Rs. 1,600 crore of government money can leave Assam without submitting any detailed report of expenses,” he added.

The APW president further informed that his organisation will submit another petition before the Supreme Court on November 17 urging investigations into the various aspects of the NRC process by investigating agencies like NIA and CBI.

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