Shah announced ILP for Manipur

  • Brahmaputra and Barak Valley only CAB included area of NE
  • All others of NE, CAB excluded
  • Assam Protest should stop: Shah
  • Assam being given indigenous protection: Shah
  • CAB violates constitution: Manish Tiwari
  • Refugees without Ration card shall be given citiznship

The Citizenship Amendment Bill, 2019 will exclude almost all parts of the North-East except two valleys of Assam as Manipur was brought under the Inner Line Permit(ILP).

This was today announced by Union Home Minister Amit Shah, while initiating a debate on the CAB in the Lok Sabha and urged protestors of Assam to stop the protest.

He informed that concern of Assamese people about their right for indigenous people shall be taken care of by the Clause VI committee.  He urged the anti-CAB protestors to calm down and understand the philosophy of the CAB.

He categorically announced that the CAB did not have any religious agenda. “The citizen of India are free to practice any religion and fundamental of the Constitution was not touched. But we would like to address the refugees only through the CAB, not the citizen.”

He also said that the previous government had not done anything to the Assam Accord and it was the NDA government which had brought in Clause VI committee to safeguard the interest of the indigenous people.

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