Shiladitya tones down, need protection for pre 1971 people

Controversial BJP leader Shiladitya Dev last night said that his community would be happy of the genuine Bengali Indian citizen , who came from East Pakistan before 1971, were accommodated in NRC then they would not press fr the Citizenship Amendment Bill.

The controversial leader’s new comment should be sweet music as no one in Assam has any dispute over that.  As his statement came last night in a televised debate with Mrinal Talukdar at Pratidin Time, ULFA leader Mrinal Hazarika and Axom Xahitya Xabha president Paramananda Rajbongshi quickly lauded the stand  in a bid to defuse the ongoing tension in Assam.

Mr Dev categorically said if some mechanism was devised to give citizenship to those people who came from East Pakistan before 1971 but did not have enough papers to authenticate them. “If some legal process can be done why should we bother about the Citizenship Amendment Bill. Let the Bill come for the rest of the state.” He said.

Immediately KMSs leader Akhil Gogoi hailed that. “We too have no problem. Only issue is that Shiladitya should ne somersault or change stand’ he said with a word of caution pointing towards the past tracks of Shiladitya.

This new position is now expected to reduce the tension between the Assamese and Bengali living peacefully in  Assam. However the opposition to the Citizenship Amendment bill has been gathering storm as the AASU and 28 organizations have lined up news agitational program.

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